'Black Sails'
Actress Clara Paget poses during a photocall for the television series "Black Sails" during the annual MIPCOM television programme market in Cannes, southeastern France, October 7, 2013. The International film and programme market for TV, video, cable and satellite (MIPCOM) opens from October 7 to October 10 on the French Riviera. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

Starz has released a video showing a scene from “Black Sails” Season 3 episode 7. The scene shows a conversation between Max and Anne on the road. Rackham’s fate and the future of Nassau depend on this conversation.

[Spoiler alert]

Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy) has a stake in the future of Nassau. She has built something for herself on the island and doesn’t want to see it burned to the ground. There is a threat of a Spanish invasion of the island, in case the stolen cash is not returned in full.

Woodes Rogers (Luke Roberts) was able to recover most of the stolen gold, but he later found out that a portion of the stolen gold was converted into easily tradable jewels. The jewels would allow the pirates to conduct their business anywhere in the world, without leaving a trace.

This clever scheme by the pirates made the Spanish feel insulted. They consider launching an attack, but want to make sure whether or not Woodes knows about this deception and if he intends to return the jewels in case he knows about it.

Max has already given Woodes her share of the gold. A clip from the next episode of “Black Sails” Season 3 shows Max trying to convince Anne (Clara Paget) to part with her share of the jewels too.

Rackham (Toby Schmitz) is currently imprisoned by Woodes and Max promises to secure his release, if Anne decides to return the jewels. Will Anne’s love for Rackham make her return the jewels? Or will she respect the pirate’s wishes and leave with the jewels?

The nest episode of “Black Sails” Season 3 is setting the stage for a major confrontation between Woodes and Flint (Toby Stephens). Flint is expected to arrive on the island in the next episode and urge the pirates on the island to once again take up arms against the British.

Credit: YouTube/ Starz