Actors Luke Arnold (L) and Zach McGowan participate in the Starz "Black Sails" panel
IN PHOTO: Actors Luke Arnold (L) and Zach McGowan participate in the Starz "Black Sails" panel at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, California January 9, 2015. REUTERS/David McNew Reuters/David McNew

Luke Arnold and Toby Stephens spoke about their role in "Black Sails" Season 2. The first episode of the upcoming season is slated to be released on Jan 24, 2015. The season is expected to show the new challenges faced by the character Captain Flint. [Warning: Spoiler Alert]

Luke Arnold and Toby Stephens sat down for an interview with AccessHollywood. The video begins with a scene that shows John Silver asking Captain Flint who he thought saved his life when Flint was sinking to the bottom of the sea. The two characters share complex relationship in the TV series.

Captain Flint faced a difficult situation of mutiny aboard his ship in the previous season of "Black Sails." John Silver may be the only man who does not wish for Flint to die. The two characters will have to work together in order to survive and get their hands on the treasure in the upcoming season.

Luke Arnold said in the interview that his character will try to figure out "how to get that gold" and how to "solve the situation." Most of that requires John Silver to "team up" with Captain Flint. Toby Stephens reminded the viewers that the upcoming season was not just about getting the gold but also about figuring out how can become captain again.

The actor said that Captain Flint and John Silver will have to work out a strategy to get back the crew that is now opposed to the idea of seeing the two characters back in their midst. Toby Stephens further said that the crew now blamed the two characters for all that has happened so far.

Captain Flint had previously promised the crew of his ship a huge amount of treasure that was aboard a Spanish ship. John Silver was helping Flint locate the ship. The crew of the ship later found out all the things Flint had done in order to achieve his goal and turned against him.

"Black Sails" Season 2 will also feature the back story of Captain Flint. Fans of the TV series will find out the circumstances that led to a clean-shaven gentlemen becoming one of the most dreaded pirates on the high seas. The season will also reduce new characters and new locations.

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