Actors Hannah New and Jessica Parker Kennedy (R) participate in the Starz "Black Sails" panel
Actors Hannah New and Jessica Parker Kennedy (R) participate in the Starz "Black Sails" panel at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, California January 9, 2015. REUTERS/David McNew Reuters/David McNew

A new trailer of "Black Sails" Season 2 has been released. The new trailer features a song playing the background that has got the fans excited. Popular characters like Charles Vane, Captain Flint and Eleanor Guthrie can be seen in the video along with some new and returning characters.

"Black Sails" Season 2 will begin with the Walrus crew being stranded on an island where the Spanish ship Urca has crash landed. But Captain Flint will have to find a way to deal with all the Spanish soldiers before he can lay his hands on the gold. He will also have to contend with a crew that now knows everything about his past deeds.

The new trailer shows Captain Flint wanting to control his own future. He can be seen surveying the landscape on an island with his telescope. The fate of pirates in the civilised world can be seen in the video. "Everyone is a monster to someone," can be heard in the video when Captain Flint walks past a pirate who is hanged for his crimes.

The trailer features a lot of action, especially of Captain Flint. The voice-over talks about the "brutality" of the raiders in that part of the ocean. The blood stained face of Charles Vane and more fighting of the pirates can be seen in the video.

Captain Flint and Silver will have to find a way to work together in "Black Sails" Season 2. The two men are seen having a conversation in the trailer. Silver can be seen telling Flint that being a pirate on a ship offers him the opportunity of having some freedom.

Eleanor Guthrie can also be seen in the video talking about the island Nassau. The previous season showed that she would now have to work with Charles Vane. Her grip on the island may be difficult to maintain with the addition of a new pirate Ned Low. The pirate Ned can be seen in the trailer attacking a man with a knife.

Fans of the franchise are excited about "Black Sails" Season 2. Commenting on the trailer of the upcoming season, some of the fans wanted to know about the song that was playing in the background. One of the fans pointed out that the song was by Nick Cave, but the song has still not been released.

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