black mirror
"Black Mirror" season 4 will reportedly be even more twisted than previous seasons. YouTube/Netflix US & Canada

British science fiction television anthology series “Black Mirror” may be considered dark and twisted for some, but it has proven itself a spot in the hearts of many fans, if the show’s positive reviews are not indicative enough. The upcoming season is expected to go to even further extremes, so fans should be prepared for more warped episodes to come.

The show has three seasons so far, and while episodes have had a touch of tragedy in their own right, season four may take an even more sinister road. Charlie Brooker, the show’s creator, recently divulged that the upcoming season four may be even more twisted than previous seasons. Brooker recalled how previous episodes had seemingly predicted real-life events one way or another. This is in spite of the show’s dark themes explored in the stories presented in each episode.

One such “prediction” brings President Donald Trump into the picture. Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections mirrors that of the Netflix show’s episode in which a comedian (a virtual mascot, to be specific) runs for office. As pointed out by MoviePilot, this is reflective of Trump running for president — despite his lack of experience in politics — and how the notion of his victory seemed too farfetched to be a reality.

That is only one of other similarities that have seen the rise of “Black Mirror” episodes seemingly coming to life. Eerie coincidence or not, it has caught the attention of Brooker. On the topic of these so-called predictions, Brooker stated that the idea of his show foreshadowing reality is a bit troublesome, though season four’s plot points might be too extreme this time around for reality to close in on.

“For this coming season they’re quite far out there so I don’t envisage that being a problem,” Brooker told “Although if that does happen, the world is really f-----… well, the world is really f-----, so we’ll see.”

On how long the show may run for, Brooker claimed the series is safe so long as the world goes on. Point taken, considering the show pokes at modern society and technology.

First broadcast on British Channel 4 and later brought to more fans by Netflix, the series consists of episodes that delve into the human psyche and the society we live in today, albeit with a darker twist on its reflection of people. As each episode is independent from one another, viewers are treated with several one-shots right off the bat. For anticipating fans, the fourth season of “Black Mirror” is slated to hit Netflix sometime this year.