Cast member and executive producer Anthony Anderson
IN PHOTO: Cast member and executive producer Anthony Anderson speaks at a panel for the ABC television series "Black-ish" during the Television Critics Association Cable Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California July 15, 2014. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

The Christmas special ABC's new comedy series "Black-ish," tackles family traditions and the gruelling effort needed to prepare the Christmas feast. This year, Andre's wife Rainbow has decided to break tradition and take over making Christmas dinner from Andre's mother, Ruby.

In the Johnson household, Andre and his children have always looked forward to Christmas dinner. The meal is always prepared by Andre's mom Ruby who makes a mean roast accompanied by pot pies and greens. The children and Andre always rave about the sumptuous dinners prepared by Ruby so this year. Rainbow decides to step in. Rainbow thinks that it's about time for her family to appreciate her efforts into making a great meal so she asks Ruby to let her make the family Christmas feat. Despite protests from Andre and the kids, Ruby agrees and even lets Rainbow make the kids do some of her other family traditions.

Rainbow explains that as children, she and her siblings were always asked to perform some Christmas songs during parties. She encourages her kids to do the same and even makes them rehearse some Christmas carols together. Even with her guidance, she soon realised that her kids can't sing to save their lives.

Rainbow then decides to help her kids out with some technology and used an auto tuner for the kids' performance during Andre's company Christmas party. The kids pulled it off with the help of the software and Rainbow was delighted. When the number was done, Rainbow tells the kids that it's time for the Christmas dinner that she prepared which is composed of roasted turkey, creamed spinach and pumpkin pie. The kids all looked disappointed and Andre Junior said that Christmas isn't about what the kids want but it's all about their mom. When Rainbow heard this, she turned to Ruby for help and Ruby said that she will rush home to prepare the meal that the kids really want.

While the kids were off helping their dad buy presents, Rainbow goes home early to help out in the kitchen. She catches Ruby sitting on the couch instead of cooking. When she walked into the kitchen, she saw that a Mexican catering company was setting down food orders. She busts Ruby and Ruby is forced to admit that making Christmas dinner is too much work and too much pressure so she's been ordering it from the catering company for years.

Rainbow and Ruby then decide to team up in an effort to make the Christmas dinner the best that it could be. They changed into their cooking clothes and transferred the delivered food into their own containers. They heated up the food and made a mess to make it look like they cooked everything. When Andre and the kids got home, everyone is delighted to have the Christmas feast they all know and love. Andre noticed the catering boxes in the garage but decided to turn a blind eye to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

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