Battlefield Hardline
The Betrayal DLC is coming out in March. Battlefield official website

Visceral Games has finally unveiled the latest and last expansion coming to “Battlefield Hardline.” The DLC will introduce a new weapon to bring to the gunfight. It’s coming in March, though an exact release date has yet to be announced.

Between cops and criminals, fans can now draw out a sword, as seen in the screenshot above. Swords is just one of the new weapons coming to Betrayal, the latest DLC. Interestingly, EA also did not detail what the weapons are, but considering the new screenshots released, a full-blown, full-length sword is part of it. Perhaps one can argue that its use in the Chinatown map can be something along the lines of thematic.

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There are also four new maps, namely Alcatraz, Cemetery, Chinatown and Thin Ice. While the developer did not detail what can be seen in the maps, it’s easy to know what they will involve—back alleys, federal prisons, frozen expanses and mausoleums. Additionally, players can get two more vehicles.

According to PC Gamer, players can also customise primary weapons and uniforms using the Gun Bench Super Feature, then test the former at the Gun Range. The source also mentioned an upcoming update, slated to release 11 new weapons, server presets and the weapon license vouchers to Gold Battlepacks. There has yet to be a date for when the update goes live.

This is not the only new thing that “Battlefield Hardline fans can expect in the game. The remaining days of February still hold a couple of noteworthy events.

From Feb. 16 to 22, there will be a Community Mission requiring players to get 25 kills using the .357 RS on a multiplayer mode. In doing so, the player can earn a Gold Battlepack. Two days after, running from Feb. 24 to 26, another Community Mission will take place. This time, it requires players to score 50 Revives to get $200,000 in-game money.

Finally, for premium members, there’s a Double XP weekend running from Feb. 25 to 29. The Double XP is applicable to all Ranked and Official servers. The complete details for the February events have been detailed by the developer over the official Battlefield website.

"Battlefield Hardline" Betrayal DLC (Credit: YouTube/jfragsgaming)