Some players have found the lack of a splitscreen feature in “The Division” to be a miss in the game. As such, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have responded to fans by explaining the reason for why the developer opted to not include it in the game.

“The Division” Creative Director Magnus Jansen had stated that the splitscreen mode will disrupt with how the game flows through different modes like single, co-op and PVP modes. According to Jansen, the dynamic and ongoing experience in “The Division” will not suit the experience when the screen is shared with someone else.

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“In your classic splitscreen experience, there is a defined challenge to overcome, whether it be racing a lap around a circuit or completing a mission. But the challenge in ‘The Division’ is always ongoing; there is always something to do in the open world,” said Jansen as quoted by Gamepur.

Because of this, players are always faced with different and new goals and missions. The rationale with avoiding splitscreen is that players avoid becoming bound to a specific player. Apart from this, the developer had also pinpointed technical reasons, such as the elements that will be affected when combining screens and exploring the Dark Zone in splitscreen as well as some other rendering issues.

Fans can get ready to preload the game come Feb. 16 for the open beta. According to GamesRadar, Xbox One players will have earlier access to the game on the morning of Feb. 18 GMT. PS4 and PC players will get access come Friday, Feb. 19 noon time GMT.

This is the most current update in terms of access times and dates for the open beta. However, it is not impossible for the developer to change the specific details as there is still some time before the planned open beta launch date.

To get fans ready for the open beta, the developer has already released a patch, which brings improvements in time for the new event. Shack News found the patch 1.01 for the PS4. The source stated that there are some new content such as the Subway Morgue mission, the Base of Operations’ Tech wing and a Deployable Turret skill.

There are also more in-game enemies coming to the Dark Zone. They have also been upgraded to be more powerful than before. As for rewards, there are more chests, and the reward for surviving as a Rogue Agent has already been increased 1.5x the Kill Bounty. There are also new high end weapons for Dark Zone.

“Tom Clancy’s The Division” is set to release on March 8. It will come on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

"The Division" open beta (Credit: YouTube/ThePwnstar4hire)