'Battlefield 1' update: New game mode, maps, class and operations
Official logo of "Battlefield 1" update EA DICE

The first expansion note for “Battlefield 1” has already been release and is called They Shall Not Pass. This will introduce one of the most notable forces of World War I, the French forces, in their tactical defence of their country. Listed below are some of the expansions and updates included.

New maps and class of the upcoming update

The new maps include a total of four playable battlefields with different settings. First is the infantry only map, Verdun Heights. This map showcases forest fires, uphill battles and massive fortresses.

Fort De Vaux is the second map that is an intense version of the first map. The setting is based on the World War 1 dark underworld. The map has mazes of dark corridors where the French and Germans battle out using grenades, guns, bayonets and flamethrowers.

The third map is named Soissons that highlights World War I’s biggest tank assaults as explained by the Battlefield website. The players will use planes, tanks and infantry in order to conquer the French countryside map settings.

Rupture is the name of the final map that focuses on tank wrecks as their environmental setup. This map is the perfect choice if players would want to go for an ambush type of approach during battles.

The fourth map is the Devil’s Anvil that is another infantry focused operation that focuses on players backing up their Trench Raider in order to become victorious. This takes place in the combined maps of Verdun and Fort De Vaux.

The Trench Raider is the new class that specialises on heavy armour that will provide resistance to incoming damages. This class has melee as its primary weapon. It also has several types of grenades and a sidearm for non-close combat engagement.

New operations notes

The new operations is named Beyond The Marine. This operation is a vehicle-based warfare that stretches across the Soissons and Rupture maps. Using these maps to the player’s advantage will ensure victory in battles.

There are still a lot more in store for players who are looking forward to this expansion. These include new weapons, vehicles, game mode, battle pack features, party leader and improvements on gadgets, weapons and several other features.

Take note that the They Shall Not Pass update is a required download for all “Battlefield 1” players. This has several benefits, including players who don’t yet own the expansion. Those players will be able to watch the They Shall Not Pass update matches through Spectator Mode as explained by the Battlefield website.