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The weapons that will be included in “Battlefield 1’s” upcoming DLC expansion, “They Shall Not Pass,” in March have been revealed, thanks to the newest CTE update. It’s a testing server where a game’s developer team trials features and balance changes before being made available to players. For now, the CTE is available only on PC and players need to have the US$50 (AU$65 approx) Premium Pass to enjoy it. There’re a bunch of new weapons coming to the DLC pack and they have already gone live for some players.

According to GameSpot, a total of 11 “Battlefield 1” firearms have been revealed so far. Both the Infantry and Sniper versions of the Lebel Model 1886 are included. Some of the firearms are variants of other guns. Three Melee weapons highlighted are Cogwheel Club, Trench Fleur and Nail Knife. Players will have to complete challenges to unlock these weapons. Challenges may include accumulating kills using different weapons, revive/resupply teammates etc. CTE registration steps are explained in this Reddit thread.

The game’s big winter update is already live and it has introduced a number of bug fixes and a higher level cap for each class. As most “Battlefield 1” players are aware of, new “They Shall Not Pass” footage has surfaced online (videos shared below). They show the new mega-powerful Behemoth, the Char 2C tank, which is based on a real-world French tank. The videos also show one of the four new maps, Fort De Vaux. Moreover, a brand new weapon, the Lebel bolt action rifle, looks insanely solid and powerful.

According to another GameSpot report, some the things shown in the videos may change when the final “Battlefield 1” “They Shall Not Pass” DLC goes live. The DLC will be introducing the French army to “Battlefield 1.” It will also add three other French maps, namely, Verdun Heights, Soissons, and Rupture. The DLC will also bring with it the highly-anticipated Frontlines mode, which is a mix of Conquest and Rush. EA has revealed map details, and two of the maps tease environmental effects, such as thunderstorm and forest fire.

This is totally new to the “Battlefield 1” multiplayer and provides an excitement to the series. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on the game.

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