“Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” cast member Jesse Eisenberg shared some insights about his character in the movie in a recent interview. The actor revealed that even though his character is interested in attaining more power for himself, he will struggle with “philosophical dilemmas” about power.

In an interview with Playboy, Eisenberg talked about his character being different from what the fans have seen in the comics and in the previously released movies. The actor said that his character was complex, which is in line with the demands of the audience today; who demand “a more modern, psychologically realistic” character.

In the movie, Lex will be concerned about one individual having too much power, even if that person is using that power for the good of mankind. “For instance, Superman has so far been using his powers to do some good, but is it safe to have someone like that walking the streets?” Eisenberg said.

To prepare for the role, Eisenberg read a lot of comics. However, he quickly realised that the character in “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is written very differently and he was not able to relate to the Lex Luthor in the comics.

The actor said that his character “mocks” both Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Clark Kent (Henry Cavill). The actor praised both his fellow cast members and said that he respected them. Eisenberg said that the Affleck, Cavill and he like to improvise while on the set and change dialogues.

The producers of the movie have found innovative ways of promoting the movie, After Eisenberg and Affleck appeared in videos promoting Metropolis and Gotham, a tourist guide book of Metropolis has been released and it highlights some exciting facts about the city.

According to the details of the tourist guide book of Metropolis, posted on Comic Book Movie, The book contains details about Lex Corp, spotting the Man of Steel and the nightlife in Metropolis. The book reveals that even Lex Luthor suffered during the alien attack in the previous movie and his Lex Tower was destroyed, giving him reason enough to hate the alien in “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”