A video of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” shows costume designer Michael Wilkinson talking about the new costumes of the superheroes in the movie. Meanwhile, DC Entertainment has revealed the action figures and accessories from the movie.

The DC Entertainment YouTube channel has posted a video that shows some of the costumes and concept arts of the superheroes in the movie. Wilkinson explained his approach to creating the new costume designs as a “labour of love.” The costume designer pointed out that the characters in the movie have been around for a long time and everyone is very passionate about them.

Wilkinson felt that he had to do his home work on the costumes and studied the different designs of the costumes that have been released over the years. He then worked with a few illustrators to create the costumes for the forthcoming movie.

Director Zack Snyder apparently gave Wilkinson a “clear direction” about what the costumes for the superheroes should be like in the movie. The costume designer revealed that the Superman (Henry Cavill) outfit in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” was “created in another planet” in the movie, using alien technology. The costume also has some Kryptonian script embedded inside the costume and Snyder was the one who gave a quote that was translated for the costume.

For Batman (Ben Affleck), Snyder wanted to create a totally different look. Wilkinson described this new iteration of the character as a “hulking, big guy” who will look “bigger than Superman” in the movie. The costume designer explained that the Caped Crusader’s strength is not actually from his armour or gadgets, but from his raw muscle power.

With Wonder Woman, Snyder wanted to create a look that demonstrates “power and strength.” “Her presence as a warrior is completely legitimate and unquestionable,” Wilkinson said. The character is also expected to show “grace and elegance” through her costumes.

Meanwhile, DC unveiled a set of action figures and accessories of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” at the New York Comic-Con. Pictures from the event posted on ComingSoon show the “Knightmare Batman” and other action figures, props and costumes from the movie.

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