'Batman: Arkham Knight' PS4 Bonus Content Exclusive Only Until Fall 2015

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After being in development for what seems to be an eternity for eager fans of the Batman franchise, Rocksteady Studios' upcoming action-adventure game "Batman: Arkham Knight" finally has a release date. The Unreal Engine 3 powered game may not be out until June 23, but that hasn't stopped console makers from playing the exclusivity game.

A previous International Business Times report cited how Sony leveraged its close ties with "Batman: Arkham Knight" publisher Warner Bros. Interactive to make some post-release bonus content exclusive to the PS4. This content includes a "Justice League 3000" Batman skin and Classic TV series outfits for Batman and the Batmobile, in addition to the more substantial "Scarecrow Nightmare Missions."

According to a Gamespot report, the aforementioned post-release content won't remain exclusive to the PlayStation 4 indefinitely. While Sony conveniently left out this important detail, the timed nature of the exclusivity arrangement was revealed by an Amazon advertisement for the extra content. The advertisement specifically mentions that the "bonus content [will remain] exclusive until at least fall 2015."

PS4 owners will be lucky enough to play the "Scarecrow Nightmare Missions" and access the exclusive skins when the game launches on June 23. However, Xbox One and PC gamers won't be as lucky. There's no official word on exactly when the remaining platforms will receive, but it won't be until September 2015, according to the Amazon advertisement. It is also unclear whether the post-release content will be given away free for these platforms, or if it will be sold as a paid DLC.

At the moment it seems that PlayStation 4 owners will have a better "Batman: Arkham Knight" experience over their Xbox One counterparts. For starters, Cinema Blend confirms that the game will run at a solid 1080p on the PS4. There's no word on whether Xbox One can keep up on the resolution front, but Microsoft's console has so far failed to manage most current-gen games at Full HD.

If that wasn't enough, Batman fans that still haven't chosen between the PS4 and Xbox One have another reason to prefer Sony over Microsoft. Sony has announced new special edition version of the console bearing unique "Arkham Knight" artwork, matching controllers and bundled with a copy of the game. This fancy version comes at a $100 premium over a plain vanilla PS4, but gamers on a budget also have the option of going for a plain-vanilla PS4 without the custom "Arkham Knight" body shell. This version is cheaper at $400 and comes with a copy of the game.

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