The BarkBox YouTube Channel published "Dog's Best Day - Susie" on Jan. 12, 2015, a video that shows footage of the team caring for an abused Pit Bull-mix dog, set in New York City.

During 2009, Donna Smith Lawrence had spent weeks on the road to recovery from severe trauma and injuries caused by a savage Pit Bull attack on their neighborhood. In the same year, she had decided to adopt a North Carolina part-Pit Bull puppy that had been set on fire and abandoned. Donna had chanced upon a news report about the dog and decided to tell her husband that she wished to adopt it. The Lawrences had named the dog Susie.

In this video, "Dog's Best day - Susie", BarkBox take Donna and Susie to New York City and "spoil them with the best day ever." The video begins by showing the Pit Bull eagerly approaching her fans at the airport. Susie's burned off ears and broken jaw and teeth appear to have healed, albeit still bearing the scars. They ride a limousine and take off to their first destination, a luxury suite filled with the dog's favorite treats. Susie appears to be pleased as she takes off with one of the toys BarkBox had supplied the room with and frolics with Donna on the carpeted floor.

BarkBox also gives Donna a treat at Bliss Spa while the team takes Susie for a leisurely walk in New York City. Lastly, the video shows Susie with a check for $1000 hanging on her neck as she approaches a bewildered Donna, who then cries tears of joy and thanks the team.

Susie and Donna's story has helped pass Susie's Law in the North Carolina State Senate, a law that penalises convicted perpetrators of animal cruelty with up to ten months imprisonment. It has also inspired a movie called "Susie's Hope," as well as the formation of a nonprofit animal abuse awareness organization of the same name.

BarkBox is a subscription service dedicated to sending off treats to dogs and their owners. 10 percent of their proceeds go to animal rescues and shelters. Watch "Dog's Best day - Susie" here:

Credit: YouTube/BarkBox

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