Georgia Love
"The Bachelorette Australia" airs weekly on Channel Ten. Instagram/Georgia Love

It is coming down to the wire on Channel Ten’s “The Bachelorette Australia” as Georgia Love has narrowed it down to three men -- Matty Johnson, Jake Ellis and Lee Elliott. However, the final two contestants have preemptively been revealed as photos from the final dates in Singapore have emerged.

According to New Idea, 35-year-old Lee and 29-year-old Matty have made it to the final rose ceremony. This comes as no surprise to fans as Georgia has not made a secret of her preference for both men. But as confirmation, the publication released photos of both couples in Singapore, where the final dates were being shot in August. Georgia, 27, was seen holding hands with the two men.

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In last week’s episodes, Georgia went on hometown dates in order to meet the families of the remaining contestants. In Sydney, she met Matty’s family, and then she met Lee's loved ones in Melbourne.

Matty’s sister, Karen, was protective of her brother and was adamant about him not leaving Melbourne for her. Should Georgia choose Matty in the end, Karen said it would be prefered that she make the move to Sydney instead.

The hometown date to Lee’s family was less controversial, as Georgia is also based in Melbourne. The date was going very well, until Lee’s mother revealed that her son has only dated blondes in the past.

Georgia also met Jake and Courtney's families, but it was Courtney that was sent home at the end of the episode.

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Fans of the show are pleased with the apparent outcome of the show thus far. Either Lee or Matt would make popular contestants for the upcoming season of “The Bachelor Australia.” It has not been confirmed whether or not the second runner up of the current series will ultimately have his own show, but that has become the practice of the franchise.

“The Bachelorette Australia airs on Channel Ten every Wednesday and Thursday night at 7:30 p.m.