Georgia Love
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Georgia Love said farewell to two other bachelors in last night’s episode of “The Bachelorette Australia.” But a recent revelation could just make her wish she sent Rhys Clinton home instead.

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In the latest episode of “The Bachelorette Australia,” Georgia went on a one-on-one date with Lee. Together, they got on a boat and directed themselves to their date spot. They shared good conversation and shared a game of two truths and a lie. Georgia’s three statements included three possible Hollywood crushes.

“Zac Efron. Brad Pitt. Chris Pratt,” she said coyly. Lee guessed wrong with Chris Pratt and Georgia watched him do 20 push ups.

While Lee scored a kiss with Georgia, the bachelorette said goodbye to Aaron and Jay at the end of the episode.

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However, OK! Magazine learned something about Rhys, who was a little under the radar in the last episode, that might have propelled Georgia to kick him out instead. The 29-year-old is reportedly still married.

The publication spoke with Kelsi, 24, whom Rhys married in 2014.

“He only cares about himself… and [he] should not be dating that beautiful girl Georgia,” she said.

Kelsi shared that she flew to Brisbane after they married and returned back to the US after a few months. But despite being in constant argument with her since her return, Rhys only requested that their separation become official earlier this year.

Shortly after his request, Rhys began filming for “The Bachelorette,” which Kelsi did not even know about.

She has, however, been watching as her estranged husband try to win Georgia's heart. “Rhys is still the selfish guy that made me feel miserable,” Kelsi said of watching him.

Rhys released a statement to the publication via Channel 10. “Kelsi and I were in love and got married but unfortunately for us it didn’t work out,” he said. “We have been separated for over two years and our divorce is currently being finalised.”

He went on to state that Georgia is aware of the situation and that she understands Rhys’ reasons.

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