Georgia Love
Georgia Love is Channel Ten's "The Bachelorette" Instagram/GeorgiaLove

“The Bachelorette Australia” is back on the small screen, and this season looks promising. The first episode of the Channel Ten series showed a couple of falls, heartfelt moments, men sharing too much information and what could be the start of an amazing love story.

Georgia Love, the 27-year-old star of reality show, left her career as a television reporter in Tasmania. “I’ve quit my job and my career to be on The Bachelorette,” she said on the show.

The first portion of the show was the one-on-one introductions that have become standard for the franchise. It was here that some of the bachelors first stood out for better or for worse. Ben, for example, let Georgia in on a little secret during their first embrace. “I’ve done three nervous poos before I even got here,” he whispered.

Meanwhile, Rhys, a model and entrepreneur, made it clear that he is a very confident man. “My friends say it’s not fair because I was born with good looks,” he told Georgia. “I’m like, well, you know you can go to the gym too and do your hair nicer and dress nice.”

Sam, who is an electrician from Sydney was also one of the more confident guys. “I’ve never had to put too much effort into chasing girls -- usually they come to me,” he said. “You have to be a special girl to keep my attention longer than a week.”

And when Georgia entered the first cocktail party, she tripped down the stairs.

But the debut episode of “The Bachelorette Australia” did have some prized moments as well. One of these was when Georgia shared a heartfelt story about her mum’s battle with cancer. Others include moments that were bursting with chemistry -- which Georgia seemed to have most with Courtney.

In his first meeting with Georgia, Courtney gave her a bracelet made of macaroni, which was both endearing and oddly sweet. In exchange, he won the the First Impressions rose, which meant he was safe during the first rose ceremony and has control of the first week of dates as well.

“The Bachelorette Australia” airs on Channel Ten every Wednesday and Thursday night.