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Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton, "Bachelor In Paradise" season 3 Instagram/Amanda Stanton

The road that “Bachelor In Paradise” contestants Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton went on was not a smooth one. And despite their engagement at the end of the series, being a couple beyond the show has proven to be even more difficult.

Throughout the show, the greatest issue that the two had to face were their “Bachelor In Paradise” cast members. More specifically, hardly anyone believed that Josh had the right intentions with Amanda. Nick Viall, in particular, kept bringing up passages from Andi Dorfman’s tell-all, which has lead many to believe that Josh is not the most trustworthy individual.

Despite that, the two stuck together to the end, and viewers of the show watched Josh make a heartfelt proposal. But since their final on-air exchanges, Josh and Amanda have had some troubling times.

A source of Entertainment Tonight said that it has been “a tough road" for them both. "They have broken up a couple times since getting home and have had a rough start to their relationship,” the source said. However, the source was adamant to explain that the two are still engaged.

When Josh and Amanda had to face the reality of their situation, there were plenty of problems that had to be solved. Distance, in particular, was one the couple just put behind them. Josh, who was living in Georgia when “Bachelor In Paradise” first started to show, moved into Amanda’s California apartment a few weeks ago.

After which, Josh had to get used Amanda’s family situation. "Amanda has two little girls,” the same source shared. “That is going to add a different kind of pressure to a new relationship.”

The general public has believed that Josh and Amanda have been happy together, not just because of what was happening in the show, but because of their real-time declarations of love. Even before the show finished, the two were sharing photos of each other on Instagram and Twitter.


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