Georgia Love
"The Bachelorette Australia" airs on Channel Ten every Wednesday and Thursday night. Twitter/Georgia Love

Georgia Love’s pool of men in her season of “The Bachelorette Australia” is getting shallower and shallower as more men are forced to leave the show. This week, she said farewell to a record-breaking four men, leaving just six more to fight for her heart.

On Wednesday, Georgia took Rhys and Sam out on a two-on-one date to figure out what their true intentions were -- if they were indeed looking for love, or if they were in it for the publicity. So when Rhys admitted he was not ready to find “the one” for him yet, and Sam shared his plans to move to the US to pursue modelling, Georgia sent them both home.

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"I'm not ready to meet the one, because you don't know what's coming," Rhys told Georgia while they were on the ferris wheel. "I'm on a two-on-one date. That brings up a lot of things for me. If this was the outside world, I would have walked away."

Georgia meanwhile confirmed she was always doubtful of Sam, who she thought might be on “The Bachelorette Australia” to gain some experience and air time. And when they spoke, Sam admitted to the same. The 27-year-old “electrician” is apparently signed with an agency in Miami and returned to Australia only to renew his visa.

"The plan was to head back to L.A. and do a bit of acting and presenting," he told Georgia. "If I left this experience without you, I wouldn't be absolutely heartbroken."

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Todd and Matt D were also eliminated after failing to make a lasting impression on Georgia, despite only two weeks left until the finale.

In an interview with Woman’s Daily, Rhys admitted that he was not disappointed to leave the mansion. “I knew it wasn’t to be and was happy to make my exit and get back to life,” he said. He nevertheless wishes the best for Georgia and knows she is in good hands with the men who are left -- of whom he is rooting for Matty K, Lee and Cam.

“The Bachelorette Australia” airs on Channel Ten every Wednesday and Thursday night at 7:30 p.m.