“Chris Harrison of "The Bachelor" smiles for the cameras at the red carpet event for a fundraiser for Reef Check Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii,
“The Bachelor Chris Soules recently took to Instagram to share the first photo of himself with his fiancé Whitney Bischoff. In the photo he can be seen sitting close to Whitney and is all smiles. IN PHOTO: Chris Harrison of "The Bachelor" smiles for the cameras at the red carpet event for a fundraiser for Reef Check Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii, on December 11, 2006. Reuters/Hugh Gentry

"The Bachelor" Season 19 (2015) is set to air a dramatic Episode 2 on Jan. 12, 2015. With 22 contestants remaining in the contest to win Chris Soules' heart, things get really competitive and adventurous for the women. Fans are eager to know who is eliminated next and where do things go from here. Also, they are wondering if Kimberly Sherbach will be recruited back as a contestant by Chris Soules in the game. RealityTV show spy Reality Steve has revealed some spoilers for Week 2 of "The Bachelor" Season 19 (2015). Read on to find out what happens next. [Warning: Potential Spoilers Alert!]

The last aired episode ended with a major cliffhanger when Kimberly Sherbach, the 28-year-old yoga instructor, made a surprising return to the cocktail party at Chris Soules' mansion. Speaking to him privately, she apparently requested for the second chance in the game of love. Would Chris Soules' be taking her back?

According to the press release released by ABC, the upcoming episode will further delve in to the matter and reveal if Kimberly is still in the game of love or not. However, Reality Steve claims that she will continue to be the part of the game and will be one of the six girls participating in tractor race in bikinis. According to Reality Steve, the other five girls taking part in the competition are Mackenzie, Tandra, Jade Roper and Ashley Iaconetti.

Furthermore, the bachelor star will go on his first one-on-one date with a contestant named Megan. She happens to be a 24-year-old bachelorette from Tennessee, who works as a make-up artist. On their date, they enjoy helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon before relishing their picnic lunch. Whether Megan gets a rose on the date or not remains to be seen.

Only 18 women will be a part of Chris Soules' journey after the second rose ceremony. This means the bachelor will be eliminating five contestants in week 2 of "The Bachelor" Season 19 (2015). Meanwhile, Reality Steve is guessing the five girls going home this week will be Tandra, 30, Alissa Giambrone, 24, Jordan Branch, 24, Jillian Anderson, 28, and Tara, 26. It must be noted that these are mere speculations by the Reality Steve and not the final results. However, "The Bachelor" spy has often been accurate with his predictions in the past.

Furthermore, fans can expect to see some drama on the upcoming episode. As per ABC's press release, one woman will make "jaw-dropping declarations" and another "sexy" contestant will indulge in "one of the steamiest make out sessions in 'Bachelor' history." Chris Harrison will return as a host in "The Bachelor" Season 19 (2015) Episode 2 airing at 8:00 pm on ABC. For more spoilers read below:

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