Television host Jimmy Kimmel poses at the second annual "Rebels With a Cause" gala at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, California March 20, 2014.
Television host Jimmy Kimmel poses at the second annual "Rebels With a Cause" gala at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, California March 20, 2014. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

"The Bachelor" Season 19 (2015) is only a week old and the leading man Chris Soules has already created quite a stir. "The Bachelor" star finally made an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Jan 5, 2015 and it seems he has dropped some bomb of spoilers. It is said he dished out some important details on his season of the reality dating show.

Chris Soules' highly anticipated interviewed aired on Monday, following the season premiere of "The Bachelor." The show introduced 30 contestants, who are vying to win the heart of "Prince Farming." During his interview with the comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, "The Bachelor" star revealed some details about his women. However, he did not exactly reveal who the winner of this season is.

During the interview, Chris Soules was shown pictures of some contestants and asked to reveal whether he thinks they are "crazy" or "not crazy." The fun activity brought out some interesting details that fans might be interested in.

Chris Soules ended up dishing out on some women including Tara, Reegan Cornwell, Kaitlyn, Ashley Salter, Britt Nilsson and more. The first picture Chris Soules was shown was of the contestant named Tara. For those who don't remember, she is the bachelorette who showed up drunk at the first cocktail party. The bachelor revealed that her arrival actually did not impress his parents much. As for Kaitlyn, Chris Soules said that "she was great."

When Jimmy Kimmel showed Ashley Salter's picture, Chris Soules called out "crazy." Jimmy Kimmel immediately stopped Chris Soules from telling too much. Host's next question was about the first impression rose winner Britt Nilsson. When he asked Chris Soules if he knows which restaurant Britt works at, the bachelor revealed that they "never got that far in the details." Fans must note all the details given out by Chris Soules on the show as it definitely gives an idea of who got close to the bachelor and who was a goner.

Finally, Jimmy Kimmel asked the very question to the 33-year-old Iowa based bachelor: "Who'd You Pick?" Not giving out much, Chris Soules said "maybe I like crazy." Furthermore, fans must watch out for Jimmy Kimmel on one of the episodes of "The Bachelor" Season 19 (2015) as revealed by the TV show host himself.

Meanwhile, let us know who do you think Chris Soules picked as a winner? Sound off your opinion in comments section below. "The Bachelor" airs Mondays at 8:00 pm on ABC. Watch Chris Soules' interview with Jimmy Kimmel below, by clicking the link by show's official YouTube channel.

Video: The Bachelor Chris Soules on This Season's Contestants

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