Jared Haibon
Jared Haibon at the Rob Thomas and Counting Crows concert. Instagram/Jared Haibon

“Bachelor In Paradise” is meant to be be a place where unsuccessful contestants on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” get another chance at finding love on reality TV. And yet, more often than not, individuals like Ashley Iaconetti and Emily Ferguson just get their hearts broken all over again.

In the earlier episodes this season, viewers saw the beginnings of a relationship between Jared Haibon and Emily. Unfortunately for her, Jared immediately hit it off with newcomer Caila Quinn on Monday’s episode.

From the moment Caila walked in after the previous rose ceremony, she made her way to Jared and correspondingly used her first date card on him. Jared, on his part, took Emily aside and told her about the situation. Jared and Caile then went on a classic “The Bachelor” date -- the beach, the horses and the picnic.

While the two were having a great time and getting along without a hitch, Emily was back in the house dreading what would happen when the two returned. Emily’s heart broke and her tears fell when Jared told her he wanted to further “explore thing with Caila.”

A the end of the episode, fans also saw the return of Ashley, which promises even more Jared-filled drama.

In the last season of “Bachelor In Paradise,” the public learned that Ashley had strong feelings for Jared. But now that Jared firmly has his eyes on Caila, the tears will come in strong waves. In the E! exclusive preview, other cast members are seen and heard commenting on the same. “Ashley just rolled into town, crying again… Always crying, running around crying,” said Carly Waddell. Sarah Herron, on the other, said the whole situation was “soul-crushing” for Ashley and that she thought Ashley was “going insane.”

Indeed, the preview did tease Ashley talking about her problems with a parrot on the beach. “This is not the way it’s supposed to go,” she tells it.

“Bachelor In Paradise” airs on US Network ABC at 8 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays.