Amanda Stanton, Josh Murray
Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray fell in love and got engaged in the latest season of "Bachelor In Paradise." Instagram/Amanda Stanton

The shores have washed on Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray’s time on paradise. Both parties have confirmed on separate occasions that they have called off their engagement and are no longer together.

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Stanton, who is now a single mother of two, told E! News earlier this week that she and Murray had been broken up for some time. “I think there's kind of been a lot of speculation about our relationship," she said. "We did break up and we didn't just come out with a statement. I didn't really know how to go about it -- it's kind of a weird thing, but we did break up… It's for the best."

She went on to say that this new year will be all about her and her two daughters. Stanton shared that she will be focusing on herself but that she hopes to still find the right person one day. However, finding Mr Right is no longer a priority for her. “I’m not going to try this year, she said.

Meanwhile, Murray released a statement to Us Magazine that also confirmed the spit. “It’s been a tough couple of weeks for me,” he said. “I’m no longer engaged, my beautiful dog, Sabel, passed away and then my uncle just passed away as well. I’m emotionally drained.” The 32-year-old then went on to explain that they were not able to grow as a couple despite the love they each felt for each other.

“We have similar things we want in life, but we are also very different on other important things as well,” he said. “I will always love her and the little ones, they held a special place in my heart.”

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Stanton and Murray fell in love on the set of the latest season of “Bachelor In Paradise.” Despite the doubts of their co-stars and the general public, the two persevered and even got engaged during the season finale.

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