Cast member Paul Bettany poses at the premiere of "Transcendence" in Los Angeles, California April 10, 2014. The movie opens in the U.S. on April 17.
Cast member Paul Bettany poses at the premiere of "Transcendence" in Los Angeles, California April 10, 2014. The movie opens in the U.S. on April 17. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year 2015. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the movie that is expected to bring together Marvel's biggest superheroes. While some fan-favourite characters will make a return to the silver screen, some others will make their big debuts. According to the reports swirling around, fans must watch out for The Vision, the character created by the supervillain Ultron.

Movie Pilot is reporting that a source claiming to have seen the entire script of the movie, suggests that The Vision is going play an important role in "Avengers: Age of Ultron." It is said that the "synthezoid" member of Avengers plays a significant role in killing the 8-feet-tall, indestructible robot-the supervillain Ultron.

"We know that Thor: Ragnarok is chronologically right after Avengers 2 and that "Ragnarok" in the comics starts and ends with death," reads the spoilers in the article. The report notes that Thor, the Norse god, will be first member of superheroes' team to bite the dust in "Avengers: Age of Ultron." When the hammer wielding god dies, the superheroes must find the one who can lift Thor's hammer.

According to the theory presented by the website, this is where The Vision comes into the scene. The Vision reportedly will be "the most worthy among the Avengers" to be able to lift Thor's hammer. He will then use the powerful weapon against Ultron. "The Vision helps the Avengers defeat Ultron and Ragnarok starts," the report notes. The theory reportedly explains the scene in the trailer where each one of the superhero is seen attempting to life the hammer.

To back it up, the website cites Joss Whedon's philosophy for the sequel as revealed by him during the Q&A round at the Carlton Cinema in Dublin on Feb 23, 2013. "Death, death and death" "Avengers: Age of Ultron" director said.

Meanwhile, fans know that The Vision will be played by actor Paul Bettany. He is best known for his work in "Transcendence" and "Iron Man" movies wherein he voiced the character named J.A.R.V.I.S. In early 2014, Paul Bettany confirmed his part as Vision in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" during his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." However, he did not reveal much about his role and character's storyline.

"It's very exciting for me, but everything is a double edged sword, right? Paul Bettany told Jimmy Kimmel. "Because I was playing J.A.R.V.I.S. for years and my job was i would turn up at a recording studio for 45 minutes, do all my stuff, and then they would give ma huge bag of cash and then I'd go home. Now it turns out they've found me out and they want me to actually do something!" the actor added. Watch Paul Bettany's interview with Jimmy Kimmel as published on the show's official YouTube channel by clicking here.

For those unfamiliar, The Vision is a robot or a synthetic android which has several superhuman powers. Some of his powers include superhuman stamina, speed, energy and more. The Vision's creator Ultron becomes his biggest enemy.

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" is currently in post production phase. The film stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Scarlett Johansson and James Spader. The movie is scheduled to be released on May 1, 2015.

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