Office workers are seen at Southern Cross train station in Melbourne
IN PHOTO: Office workers are seen at Southern Cross train station in Melbourne May 10, 2010. Reuters/Mick Tsikas

More than 37,000 new jobs were reportedly added in Australia in the month of December. The job growth is said to be building on the 45,000 jobs that were created in the month of November last year. The surge in new job creation has resulted in the unemployment rate falling to 6.1 percent.

Senator Eric Abetz, Minister for Employment in Australia, tackled the job growth issue ,according to a press release. The report points out that 213,900 new jobs were created in 2014 and the ANZ job advertisements have risen in the past seven months. According to the press release, the figures show that Australia is once again "open for business."

The press release talks about the new opportunities for businesses, thanks to the Japan-Australia Closer Economic Partnership Agreement and Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Businesses are also said to benefit from the removal of carbon and mining taxes. The government will reportedly help small businesses by removing "red and green tape."

In a separate press release, Senator Eric Abetz said repeatedly that the two sectors that are witnessing strong job growth are agriculture and the service sector. The Senator further said that the service sector may continue to grow because of the free trade agreements with Japan, South Korea and China. He specifically mentioned health services, aged care services, accounting services and legal services benefiting from access to large markets.

The Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement that was signed in July 2014 came into force on Jan 15, 2015. The deal is expected to provide Australian businesses with better access to markets and create more jobs. The two-way trade between Japan and Australia was reportedly at around $ 72 billion in 2013-14.

Australian business sectors that will reportedly benefit from the agreement with Japan include finance, education, telecommunication and legal services. High tariffs on exports and more than 97 percent of Australia's exports will reportedly receive preferential access.

The government doing its part to promote job growth in Australia has reportedly given environmental clearance to projects worth $ 1 trillion that will reportedly generate tens of thousands of jobs. The government is also working on a $ 50 billion infrastructure program that is also aimed at generating jobs.

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