Koei Tecmo announced a new “Treasure Pack” edition for the upcoming “Attack on Titan” video game. Released alongside the standard version of the title, it will come with a good amount of extras that fans will appreciate, though it will only be released in Japan for the time being.

The “Treasure Pack” edition will come with the game’s soundtrack, a scarf, a number of tin badges and a download code for exclusive costumes, as reported by Siliconera. The costumes themselves haven’t been revealed yet or who they are for, though that information should come in due time.

More information about how the game plays was also revealed. Fans of the anime and manga know that the characters use special gear to zip around the titans to attack the weak spot in their necks. This is essentially what players will be doing in the game with their favourite characters.

However, the gas of said gear gets drained each time the player uses it to zip around, so it is extremely necessary to refill it. The blades that are used to attack the titans also get degraded every time they’re used and must be replaced after each mission.

Speaking of blades, Gematsu confirmed that there will be a number of original weapons that will be in the game. These weapons haven’t been seen in the anime or manga, which should pique the interest of fans. It’s not yet known if these weapons will eventually come to the anime or manga, though that seems doubtful.

As more information about the game is released, it’s quite clear that the game will not be playing like the numerous “Dynasty Warriors” titles that Koei Tecmo has released in the past. This is somewhat surprising since Omega Force, a longtime developer of the various “Warriors” games, produced the game.

“Attack on Titan” will be available on the PlayStation 4, PS3 and PS Vita next year. It will be coming to Japan with a standard edition and the aforementioned "Treasure Pack” edition in January. The game’s Western release date hasn’t been announced, though it is coming in 2016.

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Attack on Titan - Official Teaser Trailer 2 (Credit: YouTube/IGN)