Anime director Tetsuro Araki, "Seiyu" voice actress Yui Ishikawa and character designer Kyoji Asano
(L-R) Anime director Tetsuro Araki, "Seiyu" (voice actress) Yui Ishikawa and character designer Kyoji Asano attend an event promoting popular Japanese anime "Attack on Titan" at the Anime Festival Asia in Singapore, November 10, 2013. ReutersJohn Goh

“Attack on Titan” anime’s screening at the Shanghai International Film Festival for Japan Film Week was cancelled abruptly before the start of the festival. The festival slated to take place from June 13 to June 21, 2015 was expected to screen “Attack on Titan.”

According to Mainichi Shimbun, “Attack on Titan” anime was inspected and approved by the authorities, but the executive committee of the film festival were told on Tuesday that the screening of the anime cannot happen. On Monday, the Chinese Ministry of Culture shared that it has blacklisted 38 manga and anime from Japan.

These banned titles cannot be made available in print or online. “The list is the result of evaluations by investigators, reviews by the ministry and the opinions of experts. It aims to guide websites in the proper review and importation of comics and animation,” Liu Qiang, a senior official at the ministry said (via Anime News Network).

The blacklisted Japanese manga and anime are:

1. “The Skull Man”

2. “Terror in Resonance”

3. “Highschool of the Dead”

4. “Blood-C”

5. “Devil May Cry”

6. “Ergo Proxy”

7. “Another”

8. “Afro Samurai”

9. “Parasyte”

10. “Sword Art Online II”

11. “Tokyo Ravens”

12. “Tokyo ESP”

13. “Tokyo Ghoul √A”

14. “RIN - Daughters of Mnemosyne”

15. “Corpse Party”

16. “The Testament of Sister New Devil”

17. “Strike the Blood”

18. “Death Note”

19. “Attack on Titan”

20. “Deadman Wonderland”

21. “Devilman Lady”

22. “Date A Live II”

23. “School Days”

24. “Psycho-Pass”

25. “Elfen Lied”

26. “Samurai Bride”

27. “High School DxD”

28. “So, I Can't Play H!”

29. “Those Who Hunt Elves”

30. “Girls Bravo: Second Season”

31. “Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero”

32. “Kanokon”

33. “Sakura Diaries”

34. “Claymore”

35. “Dance in the Vampire Bund”

36. “Black Butler”

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