After the much talked about Ashton Kutcher cheating issue on ex-wife Demi Moore, the young actor is now on a comeback with a brand new look and a clean haircut.

During the premiere of the movie 'New Year's Eve' where the actor was paired up (and even rumoured) with co-star Lea Michelle of Glee, Kutcher was seen sporting a long hairstyle and a lot of facial hair. Now that he reveals his neat boyish look, he also states his intention of pursuing still CBS' 'Two and a Half Men.'

His first participation in the in demand comedy show started out as something experimental but worked out much better than any executive from CBS has ever thought of.

According to the surveys and market studies the company has done over the show, the presence of Kutcher has drawn a lot more audiences coming from the younger market.

Kutcher confesses how much he wants to come back working on a television since the last time he has done 'That '70s Show.' The actor also revealed that his clean look is not just simply a 'moving on' sign from the Kutcher and Moore breakup but it was required for a certain plot on his comeback for the show that will be shown by Monday.

A US Weekly report also revealed that the series creator of the show never realized they would still be able to bring life to the show when Charlie Sheen left. But everything changed when Kutcher came in.

All throughout the duration of the conference, everyone noticed that he was still wearing his wedding ring.


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