"Arrow" airs on the CW in the US and Fox 8 in Australia. Facebook/Arrow

Filming of “Arrow” season 6 has started in Vancouver, cast member Stephen Amell confirmed. The actor also said that Oliver will transform from being dark and gritty to being light-hearted, thus making the character closer to his comic book version.

Amell (Oliver Queen) was busy filming “Code 8” until recently. The actor has now confirmed that the movie has wrapped and he can now focus his energies on the CW TV series.

The cameras have started to roll, and Amell teased a picture of the clapper online. The first episode being filmed at the moment is directed by James Bamford with cinematographer Gord Verheul.

The premiere episode is titled “Fallout.” The plot will reveal what happened after the island prison Lian Yu was destroyed. The members of the superhero team are not easy to kill, but shocking deaths have occurred in the past and are sure to happen again.

Apart from the possibility of the team missing a member, the other big change will happen within Oliver. According to a report by CBR, Amell teased the evolution of his character at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest.

Amell pointed out that when fans first saw Oliver at the start of the show, he had been through a series of “horrific” events, which continued on and on. The character has now adjusted to the situation, according to the actor.

What does this adjustment mean for Oliver as a character? Amell said that the evolution will push his character to start becoming his comic book version. That means fans can expect the hero to develop a better sense of humour, and there will be some light-hearted scenes as well. To what extent the character has evolved will be revealed when the show airs on October 12.

Credit: Stephen Amell/ Twitter