A picture of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen from the TV series "Arrow." Facebook/ Arrow

“Arrow” Season 5 may be introducing a new character from DC comics, a new report suggests. The character has superpowers, and the possible introduction may lead to a big crossover with “Legends of Tomorrow,” the other popular superhero TV series on The CW Network.

[Spoiler alert]

The Spectre, also known as James Corrigan, may be introduced in the next season of the TV series, Collider reports. The report is based on a social media post by stunt expert and director James Bamford and a recent casting announcement for the show.

Bamford took to Twitter to tease that the TV series will be back soon “With a vengeance.” In the comic books, Spectre is also known as The Spirit of Vengeance. The post in itself doesn’t say much, but when read along with a recent casting announcement; it indicates who this new character on the show will be.

“Arrow” Season 5 will be introducing a new character named “James,” who is described as an “irrepressibly charming” contemporary of Oliver (Stephen Amell). James is “a man on a mission” and he wants to avenge a “tragic, violent loss” from his past.

The story seems similar to that of James Corrigan from the comics. James was a cop, who was brutally murdered. His spirit was turned back at the gates in the afterlife, and he was sent back to earth as a vengeful spirit. He started by getting vengeance on those who killed him and then on other criminals. He takes orders from an omniscient being known only as The Voice.

The Spectre was the founding member of a group called Justice Society of America, which was also introduced in “’Legends of Tomorrow.” This is being seen as further proof that James Corrigan will be introduced in “Arrow” Season 5, with a crossover episode. The powers of the new superpower include the ability to manipulate time and space, control matter, invulnerability and super strength. It is being speculated that these powers may be reduced in the TV series.