A picture of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen from the TV series "Arrow." Facebook/ Arrow

The cast and crew were involved in some night shoots for “Arrow” Season 5 recently. Pictures from the set have leaked online, showing the fans what the new superhero team will look like as they take on the villains in the streets of Star City.

[Spoiler alert]

Pictures posted on the Twitter page of a fan with the handle @VanFlarrowFan shows Oliver (Stephen Amell) along with John Diggle (David Ramsey). It is not clear who the third superhero in the picture is.

A better set of pictures of the superhero team filming a scene have been posted on the Twitter page of PUNKD Images. Oliver appears in his black superhero costume in one of the leaked pictures. Madison McLaughlin, who will be taking over the role of Black Canary this year, was seen in another picture posing for a selfie with one of the crew members.

Another picture of Ramsey filming a scene on the set of “Arrow” Season 5 was posted on the Twitter page of a fan with the handle @NesquikBombs. Diggle had left the superhero team in the previous season after the death of his brother. He had plans of going back to the military.

A new set of heroes will be joining the superhero team this year, and Oliver will be busy training them. One of the fans, Ashley, wrote on Twitter that they spotted Ragman (Joe Dinicol) on the set as well. The vigilantes will be facing off against the Mob in Star City, which will rise as the new threat the superheroes have to face.

Amell also teased a picture of him filming a scene at night for “Arrow” Season 5. The picture showed the shadow of the actor in his superhero costume. The show is set to return on Oct. 5. The title of the premiere episode has been revealed t be “Legacy.”

Credit: Twitter/ Stephen Amell