A picture of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen from the TV series "Arrow." Facebook/ Arrow

With Oliver taking the fight against the criminals to the streets, a new villain will be introduced in “Arrow” Season 5 episode 3. A preview video has been released online, teasing some of the scenes. Guest star Cody Rhodes will make his cameo appearance in this episode.

[Spoiler alert]

Derek Sampson (Cody Rhodes) is a new drug dealer in Star City. According to the official synopsis of the episode, the drug dealer is killed by Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez). However, the preview video of the episode shows the character coming back from death, and he is stronger than ever. The name of the drug that Sampson sells on the street is Stardust, which is a clever way of mentioning the ring name of professional wrestler Rhodes.

Oliver (Stephen Amell) has specific instructions to his new team to make sure no one goes out on their own, According to the synopsis. But, Wild Dog defies the order and takes on Sampson.

The main plot of “Arrow” Season 5 episode 3 revolves around Oliver trying to save his new team mate, when Sampson proves to be more powerful than Wild Dog’s expectations. The new villain is physically enhanced after coming back from death, and Oliver believes that the drug dealer feels no pain.

The main goal of Sampson is to build an army. Oliver will count on his new team to help him face this new threat to Star City. But, are the new recruits ready to face the villains on the street?

After a lackluster response from the fans for the previous season, the gritty tone of the new season has the fans hooked. The street fights and action sequences are what made the show popular in the first two seasons, before elements of magic and romance of Oliver and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) dominated the TV series. “Arrow” Season 5 has changed all that with a whole new set of characters, which includes a new love interest for Felicity.

Credit: YouTube/ The CW Television Network