A picture of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen from the TV series "Arrow." Facebook/ Arrow

Cast member Emily Bett Rickards spoke about the relationship between Felicity and Oliver in “Arrow” Season 4, in a recent interview. The actress revealed that she and fellow cast member Stephen Amell wanted to keep the relationship “grounded” and wanted to make sure that their characters were “happy” whenever they were together.

[Spoiler alert]

The big revelation that Oliver (Amell) has a son has put the relationship between him and his fiancé in jeopardy. Their wedding is expected to be cancelled in the next episode.

In an interview with TV Line, Rickards (Felicity) said that it was hard to keep the relationship between her character and Oliver “real and grounded” and at the same time “interesting to watch.” She explained that the audience wanted to see the couple as “tortured and not together,” or “together but something’s wrong” or “someones keeping a secret.”

Although the TV series explored the challenges to their relationship, Rickards said that she and Amell wanted to make sure that their characters were “happy” whenever they were together in “Arrow” Season 4. They wanted to show that their relationship is “healthy” and “communicative” or that they were working towards such a relationship.

The actress did not reveal how Felicity will react to the Oliver keeping the fact about his son a secret from her, but said that the fans will be able to “predict” her reaction. “I think we all know Felicity’s heart pretty well, and we know that she tries to be as honest as possible all of the time,” the actress said.

Rickards pointed out that Felicity respects honesty and expects it from her friends and people around her. The actress said that ideally she should have known about Oliver’s son long back.

“Arrow” Season 4 episode 15 airs on Feb 24. The main plot of the episode revolves around Oliver seeking the help of an old friend named Vixen to find and rescue his son.