The CW Superhero Universe: Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow
Thanks to Vixen (Megalyn Echikunwoke), the Arrow 4x16 promo video shows that Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) goes to jail. The CW/Arrow Facebook Page

The CW's “Arrow” Season 4, Episode 16 promo video shows a number of elements that fans can look forward to watching on March 23, when the series returns from a short hiatus. Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) gets emotional in Arrow 4x15, and it seems the writers are not done exploring that. Meanwhile, Cupid (Amy Gumenick) returns for Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

Spoiler alert: This recap and review contains “Arrow” Season 4 spoilers. For viewers who are not caught up, the latest episode is Arrow 4x15 a.k.a. “Taken.” Watch the Episode 16 promo video below. The following is a combination of updates, insights and fan theories on the latest events in the DC Comics adaptation.

Will Oliver and Laurel reunite? “This doesn't seem fair, that I could save the city and not save my relationship,” Oliver tells Laurel in the “Arrow” Season 4, Episode 16 promo video. In 4x15, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) breaks her engagement with Ollie, saying she could not deal with his secrets and the decisions he makes on his own. This mirrors Felicity's reaction when she found out that Ollie had a son in one of the recent crossover episodes with “The Flash.” Now that Oliver is hurting, Laurel is by his side. They go on and off, just like Green Arrow and Black Canary in the DC Comics. Coincidentally, Cupid returns, as if to symbolically signal a 'new' chapter in Oliver Queen's love story.

What is Merlyn's endgame? The Arrow 4x16 promo also shows that Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) goes to jail, gets a visit from Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and loses control over his Genesis endeavour. In the first season of the series, Merlyn triggered a man-made earthquake to virtually reset Starling City and build a new world. It was “The Undertaking.” By its name, the Genesis project could not be far away from Merlyn's original goal. Things are falling into place for Merlyn now that he's back in power, although his own daughter Thea (Willa Holland) has cut ties with him again.

What is Genesis? The next part of the new episode promo clip shows a lot of stunts, implying another action-packed episode from the “Arrow” cast and crew. Oliver reflects on what Felicity has said about saving the city without surrendering to darkness. Earlier in “Arrow” Season 4, however, in connection to the mystery character in the grave, Felicity tells Oliver to kill the enemy. It is natural for Oliver to think about sinking into the dark, now that he and Felicity are broken up. Interestingly, Felicity couldn't stand the Oliver Queen she ran away with in the third season finale. All the talk about the domestic life and slow cooking made her miss all the action. Some fans are guessing Felicity was only infatuated with the superhero, and she couldn't deal with his real-life issues – darkness and secrets included.

Why did Felicity and Oliver break up? Felicity broke up with Oliver in “Arrow” Season 4, Episode 15 after learning that Ollie had a son and he never cared to share the information. (This should not be confused with the crossover episode.) Samantha Clayton (Anna Hopkins) made it clear to Felicity that as William's mother, she had forced Oliver to keep the truth from her. However, it wasn't enough for Felicity. Just a couple of episodes back, Felicity was consoling her mother Donna Smoak (Charlotte Ross) in connection to a secret that Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) kept. At the time, she and Donna thought there were no more secrets between Oliver and herself. Finding out about William so soon after that was a shock that somehow became the last straw. If this break-up is for good, the Laurel-Oliver fans are happy about it.

Will Felicity Smoak die in “Arrow” Season 4? There is still a lot of speculations on the mystery character in the Star City grave scene featuring Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). There are fans who are convinced Captain Lance will die. Others were sure it's Felicity or Thea. A recent episode of “Legends of Tomorrow” showed the Palmer Tech building will be named Smoak by 2046. This doesn't guarantee Felicity stays alive, but it could mean that Felicity would do more wonders at the former Palmer Tech. Considering that Felicity has already appeared in a limo scene right after Oliver and Barry's conversation by the grave, some fans are not convinced she would stay alive. They are saying Felicity's presence in the limo could only be a hallucination in Oliver's mind. The show bosses have earlier said this death will be significant and it will stick, i.e. no more Lazarus' pit or Constantine intervention. It could still be Felicity in the grave at this point.

“Arrow” showrunners Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg have masterfully built the suspense in the show's fourth season run. Aside from the abovementioned notes, there is still the mystery cave in the flashback scenes. There is a lot that's waiting to be uncovered, but the show would go on a short break for now.

The “Arrow” Season 4, Episode 16 promo video ends with Ollie's words: “I don't think we can (refuse to surrender to darkness).” This next new episode will air on March 23 on The CW.

WATCH: 'Arrow' Season 4, Episode 16 promo video (The CW on YouTube)