Ariana Grande has admitted that she gained inspiration from a Harry Potter character for her new “white” look.

The singer has always been known for her long, brown coloured hair, but decided to lighten her hair colour and go white for the artwork of her soon-to-be-released new single, "Focus". She told Nova’s Smallzy’s Surgery that the Harry Potter character, Lucius Malfoy, was the inspiration behind her lighter blonde look. Check out her picture on Instagram here.

“It’s white actually,” she said. “It’s hard to tell because of the black and white filter, but it’s white. Like super white. But you’ll see it in the video and stuff, you can see how, it looks like Lucius Malfoy, he was sort of my … go to reference.”

The “Almost is Never Enough” crooner also spoke about her new single “Focus” and how different it is from her previous track, “Problem”.

“It has definitely evolved and is like Problem on steroids. It has the funky beats and like the horns in it too [so] lots of similarities,” Grande said.

In an interview with MTV, she also explained how “Focus” has a deeper meaning but given the song's lyrics, she clarified that she's not asking to be the centre of attention. Grande stated that the song is to “make people feel like they’re not alone.” The single, she shared, is also inviting listeners to focus on her as a person, on “what [she’s] all about,” along with her beliefs.

“The more we focus on each other as people and not on what we look like what we’re wearing, our gender, our hairstyle, our sexuality, the color of our skin,” she continued. “But focus on each other on a soul level. The more we realise how much we have in common, the more we listen to each other, the more one we become.”

Grande is set to release her new single, “Focus,” on Oct. 30.

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