Ariana Grande Disses Selena Gomez for Lip-Syncing During A Concert

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All is not well between two teen singing divas-Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez. Nathan Sykes girlfriend publicly dissed Selena Gomez at a recent KIIS FM Jingle Ball performance in LA. The diss came after Selena Gomez (was caught) lip-syncing during her performance on December 6.

Apparently, Selena Gomez lip-synced her song due to some audio issues at the Jingle Bell concert and when Ariana faced the same technical issues, instead of lip-syncing she sang her song, without an aide of the audio.

According to an eyewitness, "Ariana Grande killed it and she had bronchitis."

After finishing her song Ariana then said to the public, "At least you know I wasn't singing to a track." Was Ariana Grande referring to Selena Gomez's lip-syncing performance?

Ariana Grande is good friends with Justin Bieber which may cause her to take the side of her friend. Also, Ariana and Selena are at the top of their game and her diss could be the start of a new rivalry. However, after her implicit comment, Ariana took to Twitter to clear the air. She tweeted,

"Ohhh jesus. I wasn't throwing shade AT ALL I didn't even see anyone else's set. I was sick backstage that's why I didn't even do the carpet.I was just cracking a joke cause my mic was off. Everyone had tech difficulties. Sorry if it was taken the wrong way it wasn't my intention!"

Ariana has always maintained a sweet girl image. We wonder what she was thinking when she indirectly insulted Selena?

Selena Gomez lip-syncing secret spilled out when microphone went live during her December 6 performance, just as she was yelling, "What the f**k!?" Out of sheer embarrassment, Ariana Grande ended her concert early and ran off the stage.

Selena did have a bad day and Ariana's diss made it worse.

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