The latest rumours claim that Apple has filed a patent in July 2014 and is still pending for approval with the US Patent and Trademark office. The patent apparently includes a rubber port, which has the ability to lose and regain its original shape.

TechRadar reports that the rubber port technology, also called as self-healing elastometer, has the ability to seal the headphone jack when the headphone is detached. This port contains a gap where water could enter and potentially destroy the internal electronics of the phone.

Furthermore, this rubber port cover makes the phone dustproof too. It protects the phone from dust, debris, water, gas and other natural materials, Wired reports. The technology is efficient enough for the iPhone users to take selfies even during sandstorms without risking the device from damage.

According to a patent, the new phone's inner circuitry will have a superhydrophobic coating that works similar to that of the rubber port technology, which repels the water droplets when drenched or dropped in water or other liquids.

It is expected that the upcoming devices from Apple will be waterproof, and it is highly anticipated that iPhone 7 will feature this technology. TechRadar claims though that not all patents are successful enough to produce real products.

Although Apple may be innovative and gives a great user experience, the company is yet to overcome the challenge of producing waterproof phones versus its competitors, such as Sony Xperia Z5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, which has waterproof headphones. However, Apple has partially achieved its goal by making the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S water- resistant.

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