The new Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iWatch is probably one of the most speculated wearable devices of the year. It seems that the time has already come for us to finally welcome the highly anticipated wearable gadget.

Many are following the rumours about the iWatch, its possible Bluetooth LE patent and its release date. As a matter of fact, some companies have already released their wearable products prematurely because of the rumours about the iWatch.

What we know

News and speculations about the iWatch have been made for a couple of years already. Rumours about the iWatch started back in 2008 when Steve Wozniak, Apple's co-founder said that "Apple's future could lie in an iWatch." Also last April, Apple hinted about the possibility of them making an iWatch when an Apple board member reported that they are working on a watch. A month after, Apple's CEO, Tim Cook said that "the wrist is interesting," at All Things D.

Finally, after the years of rumours and speculations about the iWatch, Apple somewhat confirmed the possible release of the iWatch by trademarking the term in Mexico, Japan, Russia and other countries.


Currently, there are still no official reports about the Apple iWatch although rumours have been constantly flooding the Internet. The main problem about smartwatches is that they are not quite fashionable. However, considering Apple's regard to aesthetics and image standard, the iWatch is expected to be more fashionable. Curved and water-resistant, the iWatch is expected come with a slim screen and will stand on top of the list being wearable yet fashionable in smartwatches standards.

With regards to its battery, speculations were made that there will be no need for charging or that charging will be wireless with solar power. For its apps, Apple is likely to develop an iOS7 like system that will support various applications and Bluetooth enhanced features. Moreover, the iWatch is expected to be compatible with all Apple devices and Wi-Fi capable thus connection wouldn't be a problem.

It is made certain that the new Apple iWatch will come on different sizes for men and women. According the president of the China market at DisplaySearch, David Hsieh to be able to manufacture different size choices, both 1.3 inches and 1.7 inches OLED panels must be utilised.