iPhone 6 Plus
A woman touches an iPhone 6 Plus as it sits next to an iPhone 6 after they went on sale at the Apple store in Sydney, September 19, 2014. Reuters/David Gray

Apple iPhone users are outraged by the battery-draining phenomenon that has plagued the tech giant’s flagship smartphones after they have been updated to the latest iOS 10.1.1. Many users have voiced their frustrations online and a number of them have already reported their battery problems to Apple. The Cupertino-based company’s new predicament comes just over a week after it announced a battery replacement program for problematic iPhone 6 and 6s units.

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A number of iPhone users have claimed on Apple’s support firm that the latest iOS 10.1.1 update has messed up their batteries’ charging and usability. The update supposedly drains iPhone batteries and completely shuts the handsets down once they hit a battery level of 30 percent. Also, the battery life indicator jumps up to 30 percent once the phone is connected to a charger and reboots.

“When I unplug it right away, it still shows 30 percent and runs like nothing happened for a good few hours,” wrote one user per The Sun. “So it goes from zero charge to 30 percent in the time it takes to reboot? Strange.”

The user further added that he experienced problems starting up his handset the following morning.

“Shutting the phone down at night with a good 80 percent charge, it won't reboot in the morning due to no battery charge. I plug it in and its back to 30 percent in a few seconds.”

There’s no official count yet on how many users are currently going through the same battery issues. Apple has yet to comment on the situation as well. In the meantime, irritated Apple fans have hopped onto Twitter to vent out their frustrations. One user from Melbourne complained that the latest iOS 10.1 update has caused her iPhone to overheat and drain its battery in less than an hour.