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A fake Apple iPhone 6s (L), which sells at RMB 580 ($91) is seen beside a fake iPhone 6 Plus, which sells at RMB 630 ($99), both running the Android operating system with iOS look-alike interfaces, are seen in this photo illustration taken in Shenzhen, China, September 21, 2015. Reuters/Staff

Apple has some major plans for its future smartphone interfaces. In fact, the Cupertino-based tech giant has dropped a major hint by including two secret keyboards in the iOS 10.3, the latest operating system that powers iPads and iPhones. The hidden secret Apple keyboards can transform the way users type with their smartphones. One of the secret keyboards is a gestural one that allows users to insert space by swiping right and delete by swiping left on any key. The other tiny floating keyboard can be moved around the screen.

According to The Sun, it’s a pretty cool secret feature that has the power to revolutionise Apple iPhones. The beta version of the software has already been provided to developers and the secret keyboards were discovered by an Irish computer expert Steve Troughton-Smith. On a large Apple iPad screen, the tiny floating keyboard appears like the one on an iPhone in size. This could be extremely helpful for users working on iOS 10.3. The expert has shared Tweets explaining how the keyboards work. They have been given below at the bottom of this article.

Currently, the keyboards are not meant to be made accessible and are hidden with the iOS code. They are reportedly still under development and will be made available only in future Apple devices such as the Apple iPhone 8 and next-generation iPad models and more. Apple is expected to release a new iPhone and iPad later this year. Meanwhile, Intel Kaby Lake processors have already been announced and now fresh reports suggest that the Apple iMac 2017 may come with these chipsets.

The iMac 2017 is hugely expected to be released in March. the 27-inch Apple iMac 2017 will likely have Core i5-7500, Core i5-7600 or the Core i7-7700K. Apple may also go for an AMD Polaris 10 graphic unit for the iMac 2017. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more information Apple products, interfaces and iOS 10.3 updates.