Apple iMac
A man carries a newly purchased iMac from the Apple Fifth Avenue store during Black Friday sales in Manhattan, New York, U.S., November 25, 2016. Reuters/Andrew Kelly

Intel Kaby Lake processors have already been announced and now fresh reports suggest that the Apple iMac 2017 may come with these chipsets. The iMac 2017 is hugely expected to be released in March. Fans want the S-series desktop chips in the 27-inch Apple iMac though there is hardly any upgrade path for the 21.5-inch iMac. The 27-inch iMac with 32GB RAM and 2TB Fusion Drive is expected to cost US$3,199.99 (AU$4,300 approx). The computer may come with a 5K display. It is also expected to come with VR support.

According to PC Advisor, the 27-inch Apple iMac 2017 will likely have Core i5-7500, Core i5-7600 or the Core i7-7700K. Apple may also go for an AMD Polaris 10 graphic unit for the iMac 2017. It is rumoured that the next-generation iMac will have 10 USB 3.0 ports. Apple rolled out a new iMac back in 2015 when the Cupertino-based tech giant updated its small desktop line with Retina screen. The larger models had the Skylake processors. Since then fans have been expecting a new iMac with upgraded features and stunning specs.

Apple is not ready to take a break from the desktop segment. The Apple iMac 2017 is very much in the pipeline along with some great other Macs. Apple has been a winner in the smartphone segment with every one of its iPhones setting new records. Apple CEO Tim Cook had earlier assured fans that a brand new iMac 2017 is on the cards and that desktops still play an important role in the company’s business.

Apple did hold a very Mac-specific event in October where the Cupertino-based tech giant only released a MacBook Pro featuring a Touch Bar just above the keyboard. The Apple iMac 2017 was not even mentioned then. Fans were left thoroughly frustrated as they were all expecting a brand new iMac all-in-one desktop, new Mac Mini and a high-end Mac Pro.