Apple MacBook Pro price release date australia
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks under a graphic of the new MacBook Pro during an Apple media event in Cupertino, California, U.S. October 27, 2016. Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

Laptop touch screens are precious for some and useless for others. For those who find them useful may be confused about which one to use – Windows Touch Screen or Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Both are great in what they do but the differences must be noted to make an informed choice. A touch screen allows users to do touch-friendly stuff such as scrolling, zooming, pinching and numerous other functions are performed easily. Many prefer the touch screen over trackpads, a feature pretty common in Windows 10 laptops these days.

According to Forbes, many tech experts have called the Apple MacBook Touch Bar a gimmick bit it is surely not the case. Placing a small OLED display on the keyboard actually works and many laptop users find it ergonomically incorrect to reach up the screen every time they want their devices to perform an action. The Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar has been perfectly mastered to handle tab jumps. When a user opens Safari, all eight tabs appear on the Touch Bar.

Even with so many tabs crammed into the Touch Bar display, a user can easily jump from tab to tab. Moreover, iTunes is a way better experience with the Touch Bar. However, many believe that despite the Touch Bar being very useful, Windows Touch Screens are a bit better and that’s simply because of the flurry of functions the Windows 10 touch display can perform. The Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar cannot perform so many functions currently. But Apple is also looking to upgrade its Touch Bar for the Apple MacBook Pro 2017 and it may become better than Windows 10 touch screens.

Fresh reports on the Apple MacBook Pro 2017 indicate that the Cupertino-based tech giant is incorporating 32GB worth of RAM and Kaby Lake processors in the new versions. The Apple MacBook Pro 2016 was criticised because of its less-than-expected RAM capacity, especially by hardcore professionals requiring a lot of memory to process heavy loads at a time. It has also been reported that users not requiring 32GB RAM power may for a 12-inch version that will reportedly have 16GB of RAM.