With child marriages in countries like Yemen continue to become hot topic, the ministry of human rights of the country has been working double time to stop such child-bride cases. In fact, Gulf News recently wrote about the human rights ministry investigating on a brand new case after having stopped a wedding of a 12-year-old girl.

The ministry's general coordinator, Waleed Abdullah Radman, mentioned about their investigation on a potential child marriage, this time in the Ibb province. Mr Radman is the one responsible for receiving complaints on such cases of child-brides from various provinces.

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He further added that due to the much news spreading online about child marriages, the awareness of many became higher about such cases that served as big help too in stopping such a scenario before it even happens. It was just last week when another local representative of the human rights ministry was able to stop a 12-year-old girl's wedding. The situation was stopped in Taiz City, after getting a tip from a certain woman.

The local representative, named as Abdul Hamed Sultan, said that the security officials were highly cooperative in helping stop the wedding which was planned to transpire on a Thursday. But since the marriage contractor already sealed the vows, then a divorce was issued by force. Mr Sultan also shared that the alleged bridegroom was staying in Saudi and will arrive days before the actual wedding date.

When the bridegroom learnt about his father fixing him to get married with an underage, he proceeded and agreed with the proposed divorce. The groom instead got married to a bride who is older and of the right age.

Many activists for women and child rights are continuously pressing on to push the government to come up with a law to fix such problem of child marriage cases that lead to extreme child abuse.

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