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A ring is seen on the finger of Jessica Michibata, fiancee of McLaren Formula One driver Jenson Button, as she watches the first practice session of the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix from the pit lane at Sepang International Circuit outside Kuala Lumpur, March 28, 2014. Reuters/Edgar Su

Anthony Bell is seeking divorce from his wife, former model and television presenter Kelly Landry. The celebrity accountant has said he does not want to speak to Landry again.

The news comes after Landry attacked Bell with an apprehended violence order (AVO). Bell’s lawyer, Chris Murphy, said his client agreed to the terms associated with the AVO because he was afraid the matter could adversely affect their children. He also said he did not want Landry to bring evidence in open court.

“My client’s fear is the necessity of cross-examination of the children’s mother will ensure a public record. Already there has been an extraordinary press speculation ... with what is happening,” Murphy said. According to AAP (via 9News), Murphy described the AVO brought against his client as a “pack of lies.”

In a separate AAP report (via The Australian), the couple reportedly fought on December 28 – the day when Bell had finished the Sydney to Hobart race in record time. According to Murphy, the allegations claiming the couple fought on the day were untrue. Instead, Murphy added, “What happened was peaceful. The defendant had been in Hobart and his wife complained that he barely acknowledged her,” Mr Murphy said.

Daily Mail reports that the AVO was taken out on Jan. 5 this year. In a letter addressed to his clients, Bell said he would be defending the allegations his wife has made against him. “By now you may have seen a most distressing piece of news about my family involving some allegations my wife has made about me.” He added that the allegations that he pushed her in November last year and embarrassed her in front of her friends were incorrect.

Murphy said Bell is “not going back to the house, he doesn’t want to see his wife, he doesn’t want to have any access. He was happy for her to keep the car and live in the house." He further said, “This is a fallacious case brought to media attention perhaps by someone suffering from celebrity deprivation.”

Bell completed the Sydney to Hobart race in record time aboard ­super maxi Perpetual Loyal.