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A new trailer of “Ant-Man and the Wasp” has been released online, and the video teases some of the action sequences and humours scenes that are featured in the movie. Luis (Michael Peña) will be back with his team, and this time he will get his very own office.

The video [see below] begins innocently enough with Scott (Paul Rudd) talking to his daughter about being a superhero and the challenges he has to face. The plot is set right after the events in “Civil War,” in which Ant-Man plays an important role. The superhero’s daughter suggests he get a partner to watch his back, so he won’t get into trouble the way he did before.

Ant-Man revealed his awesome superpower of turning into Giant-Man in “Civil War,” and he will continue to use that power going forward. The humour of turning big will also continue. The trailer shows Scott using a truck as though it were a skateboard.

Scott will indeed get a partner, but she will not just be watching his back. Instead, she will take the lead. The upcoming film will introduce a new female superhero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe- The Wasp (Evangeline Lilly).

Hope Van Dyne will get to wear a more advanced suit, something that will make Scott feel a little jealous, especially since Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) confirms that he had the same level of technology when he designed the Ant-Man suit, but decided to keep it comparatively low tech.

The Wasp suit has two important additions. There are wings and blasters that Hope can use while battling bad guys. Scott on the other hand still has to rely on ants to fly around.

The biggest take away from the trailer is that Luis will continue to entertain the fans in the upcoming move. The character was a big hit in the 2015 film. This time around Hank will have to seek the help of Luis, and this should be a fun interaction.

Credit: Marvel Entertainment/ YouTube