Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield
IN PHOTO: Cast member Emma Stone arrives with Andrew Garfield for the premiere of the Woody Allen film "Magic in the Moonlight" in New York July 17, 2014. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Andrew Garfield's fans have launched a petition to keep the actor in the "Spider-Man" franchise. This comes after a series of Sony's hacked emails revealed that Garfield reportedly has been ousted from the "Spider-Man" series. It has also been reported that Marvel is planning to take over the franchise and they want to re-cast Spider-Man.

The petition has been launched on Change.org, a popular site where people generally initiate a movement for various causes. More than 10,000 people have signed the appeal, where Garfield is described as a "great Peter Parker and Spider-Man."

"A lot of us have to grown to love and appreciate Andrew Garfield as the web head. He's a been a Spider Man fan his whole life and he's been handled incorrectly by the greedy idiots at Sony and he said himself that he would love to be in an 'Avengers' movie and why not?" reads a portion of thepetition.

Garfield has always garnered praise for his performance as Spider-Man. Both critics and fans have applauded him for playing the popular character in the "Amazing Spider-Man" series. However, if Marvel cracks a deal with Sony, the chances of him reprising the role are bleak, according to Cinema Blend. Marvel reportedly wants to start the Spider-Man franchise from a clean slate. This could mean that they may be looking for a new actor to play the titular role. Crossovers reportedly are the next step to keep the intreset alive in any comic book-based franchise, and a deal between Sony and Marvel for sharing the Spider-Man can be made official soon, according to Screen Rant.

Meanwhile, a "Spider-Man" summit has been planned in January. Amy Pascal, Sony Pictures' co-chairman, will be discussing the future plans of "Spider-Man" series with the executives of the production house, according to the website. It has also been reported that some concrete news about Spider-Man's introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will come in February.

Garfield is yet to comment on the news of his exit from the "Spider-Man" franchise. The actor will be next seen in a film titled "99 Homes." The film was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 71st Venice International Film Festival.