Cast member and executive producer Anthony Anderson
IN PHOTO: Cast member and executive producer Anthony Anderson speaks at a panel for the ABC television series "Black-ish" during the Television Critics Association Cable Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California July 15, 2014. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

In this week's episode of ABC's new comedy series "Black-ish,'" Andre Johnson was determined to instill some family values in his wife and kids. He wanted to make sure that everyone was on board "Team Johnson" and that they all have each other's backs. He found himself in hot water, however, when he was unable to practice what he was preaching.

Andre and Rainbow's son Jack has started playing little league baseball in their community and Andre wanted to make sure that his family knew how to give each other support. He had matching baseball shirts made with the words "Team Johnson" printed in front. When he showed the shirts to his older kids Zoey and Andre Jr., they both reacted violently and said that they would never wear those shirts nor watch the game. Andre was infuriated by his kids' lack of enthusiasm to his little project, so he threatened that he would ground them if they didn't obey.

Zoey and Andre Jr. were then forced to attend the baseball game but were clearly bored. While there, Rainbow noticed that the commentator for the game seemed to be making some racial slurs at their son. The other moms disagreed with her, so she told Andre to do something about it. Andre told her in front of the other parents that he didn't see anything wrong with what the commentator was saying. This made Rainbow feel like an idiot and accused Andre of not having her back and throwing her under the bus in front of other people.

Andre promised to do better next time and invited Rainbow to a gallery opening that his company was throwing. He was hoping that this will be his chance to redeem himself. Unfortunately, when Rainbow made a mistake when she was talking about a certain artist, Andre didn't correct her thinking that he shouldn't correct his wife in front of other people. While Rainbow found out that he let her keep talking even if he knew she had made a mistake, she was even angrier than she was before.

Meanwhile, Zoey and Andre Jr. were called upon to play their part in helping out Team Johnson by babysitting the twins. When their shenanigans ended up with a big hole in the wall, the kids devised a story to make it seem like everything was Rainbow's fault. Their story went over well, but Andre bribed Diane with some ice cream and she confessed how the older kids abandoned the two kids and they ended up nearly injuring themselves. In the end all the kids got mad at Diane for being a snitch.

Most of family members were mad at each other until Andre tried to fix the situation by going irate at the commentator that Rainbow was complaining about. When the other parents came to their house to say that Andre was banned from the games for two weeks, Rainbow defended him and showed the family what it meant to have one another's backs in front of other people regardless of their idiotic behaviour. The family reconciled and everyone ended up enjoying some ice cream over lessons learned on teamwork and loyalty.