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The "American Idol XIV" 2015 episode 3 "Bus Tour Auditions" aired on Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. /7:00 p.m. Central on the Fox TV Network. The "AI" Season 14 hopefuls tried their luck in front of judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr. Perennial "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest also welcomed them and ushered them inside the booth where they waited patiently for their turn to audition. Read on for the "American Idol XIV" 2015 recap of Season 14 episode 3 "Bus Tour Auditions" featuring Casey Thrasher, Ashley Lusk and Josh Sanders.

The "American Idol" "Bus Tour Auditions" traveled to 11 cities in the U.S. where they invited singers to audition for the show. The successful ones who passed that round were told to go to the the Bartle Hall Convention Center in Kansas City to audition in front of Mr. Urban, Ms. JLO and Mr. Connick, Jr. Check out the list below to see who got the golden tickets to Hollywood.

Other "AI" Hopefuls Who Auditioned In Kansas City (From The "American Idol" Bus Auditions):

1. Ron Wilson (24 years old) Accountant from Florida - Audition Song: "Let's Get it On," Golden Ticket: Yes

2. Casey Thrasher (23 years old) Musician from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Golden Ticket: Yes

3. Ashley Lusk (15 years old) Student from Eureka, Missouri, Golden Ticket: Yes

4. Josh Sanders (26 years old) Music Retail from Kannapolis, North Carolina, Golden Ticket: Yes

5. Joey Cook (23 years old) Server from Woodbridge, Virginia- Audition Song: "The King of Spain," Golden Ticket: Yes

6. Alexis Gomez (22 years old) Spanish Tutor from Dayton, Ohio - Audition Song: "Little White Church" by Little Big Town, Golden Ticket: Yes

7. Anton Bushner (19 years old) Farmhand from Kansas - Audition Song: "Tonight I Wanna Cry" by Keith Urban, Golden Ticket: Yes

8. Stephanie Gummelt (18 years old) - from St. Joseph, Missouri - Audition Song: Her original song, Golden Ticket: Yes

9. Ashley Stehle (15 years old) - Golden Ticket: No

10. Ellen Petersen (22 years old) Branson, Missouri - Audition Song: "I Want to Be a Cowboy Sweetheart," Golden Ticket: Yes

11. Kohlton Pascal (21 years old) from Auburn, Ky Audition Song: "Sitting Here Beside Me" (His original song), Golden Ticket: Yes

This is the "American Idol XIV" 2015 recap of Season 14 episode 3 "Bus Tour Auditions." Don't miss the next episode "Long Island Auditions" (episode 4) featuring Adam Lambert as a guest judge. It will air on Thursday, Jan. 15 2015 on Fox at 8:00 p.m. / 7:00 p.m. Central. Keep reading International Business Times for more updates about "American Idol" as well as other news about entertainment, technology, sports, finance, viral videos, economics, science, trending topics, business, companies and health.

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