American Crime
"American Crime" season 3 debuted on March 12. Facebook/American Crime

“American Crime” just started on its third season, but it is already shaping up to be the best of the franchise. In several ways, it is much more real and relatable than the previous two seasons, and it is arguably relevant in today’s world.

As AV Club has reported, the third season is much more low-key in comparison to the past chapters. Seasons one and two were more straightforward in the crime aspect as they dealt with more obvious subject matter. On the contrary, season three is quieter and discusses crimes that tend to lurk in the shadows. As such, they are harder to catch, prosecute and prove.

The first season was about murder, which seemed to throw every big idea in the pot, as noted by Vox. Meanwhile, the second season, which centred on sexual assault, was generally better received. But as season three begins to unfold, the publication pointed out how evident it is that the show has more character and more confidence.

As further discussed by the report, the biggest strength of “American Crime” is that it is able to take the biggest and most abstract concepts and turn them into something almost tangible. Creator John Ridley began working on the third season before US President Donald Trump was elected, but the script discusses some of the issues that drove the businessman to the White House. It touches on the impossibility of class mobility, illegal immigration and drug addiction.

The stories have already begun to unfold, and it will be interesting to see how it all comes together as the season progresses. There are migrant farm workers kept in mandatory servitude. There is a teenage who is forced to enter prostitution. There is a woman who spends all her time, money and energy into conceiving a child of her own. There is a privileged couple who brings a Haitian woman to serve as their nanny. As the publication went on, it is modern slavery in the way that the world has come to know it.

It is unclear at this point how these different storylines will complement one another in the end, and there is general doubt as to how creator John Ridley might decide to conclude the season. Nevertheless, there is promise. Each season starts a new story, so interested viewers will be able to catch on quickly.

“American Crime” season three debuted on US network ABC on March 12. Australian audiences can catch the series on showcase every Monday night at 9:30 p.m.

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