The 11th leg of "The Amazing Race" Season 28 is held in Shenzen, China. CreativeCommons/Mengyeyue

Fans are counting down to the finale of the “The Amazing Race” or “TAR” Season 28, and only four teams have survived the high-stakes foot race to the mat. On the show’s penultimate episode on May 6, the race continues their journey to Asia as they fly to Shenzen, China. Teams are expected to bring their A-game more than ever, in order to earn that coveted spot in the finale. With only two legs remaining, some of the teams try on their scheming ways in an attempt to outdo their competitors.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains “The Amazing Race” 2016 spoilers.

The 28th season of the award-winning CBS reality TV show will air its 11th episode titled “That’s Money, Honey” on Friday. TV Guide reports that the racers go all the way to Shenzen, China, where they encounter another set of daunting challenges that will test their limits.

CBS has posted sneak peeks for the upcoming episode. In one preview video, the contestants are seen balancing themselves on electric unicycles while navigating the intricate streets of Shenzen – a task which is considered nearly impossible. The teaser also shows Cole LaBrant saying, “I think my mom is lost.” On another trailer, Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl try to pull a fast one on Cole and Sheri and attempt to mislead them from finding the clue at the airport. However, their cover gets blown by Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins.

The Amazing Race” Season 28 recap of Leg 10

On the 10th episode, titled “Monkey Dance,” the teams traveled by boat to Gamat Bay on Lembongan in Indonesia. They had to dive to search for their clue, which instructed them to take a high-speed boat to Mushroom Beach. Once they arrived, they rode on pickup taxis to Pura Puseh, where they were told to wear sarongs on their waist. They went upstairs, following a dancer dressed as a monkey, who gave them their Detour clue. The teams had to choose between Haul or Harvest. In Haul, teams had to carry fifty coconuts and four live chickens from one side of the suspension bridge to the other side. Once they loaded everything, the vendor gave them their next clues. In Harvest, teams propelled a canoe through a marked course and collected seaweed to cover a tarp on the beach to get their clue.

For the Roadblock, one representative was tasked to ride a jetski from Pande Curly Paddleboard Shop to Blue Lagoon. There, the member climbed a ladder to the top of a four-story high cliff, where they participate in a Pilates session with “Bondi Rescue” lifeguard Anthony “Harries” Carroll. They then had to jump 40 feet to the sea to get their next clue. Afterwards, they took a boat to the shore of Bali Island, then rode a cab to the pit stop at the Bajra Sandhi Monument in Denpasar, where host Phil Keoghan was waiting.

Best friends Tyler and Korey arrived at the pit stop ahead of all the other teams for the second consecutive time. For being team number 1, they won a trip for two on an Alaskan cruise. Dating gamers Burnie and Ashley maintained their second place streak, followed by engaged choreographers Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina and mother-and-son duo Sheri and Cole. Frisbee fellas Brodie Smith and Kurt Gibson, who suffered a U-turn issued by Tyler and Korey, were the last to arrive at the mat and got eliminated from the race.

Click here to see a video of the Leg 10 episode from the official website of “The Amazing Race.” The show airs in the US every Friday at 8/7c on CBS.