Clooney And Wife Alamuddin At Venice City Hall
Hollywood actor George Clooney and his wife Amal Alamuddin have got married again in Venice, Italy. This time they got married in a civil ceremony. Reuters/Stefano Rellandini

Amal Alamuddin is reportedly not as secure as everyone think she is when it comes to George Clooney. Even though she is Barbara Walters's "Most Fascinating Person of 2014," this does not mean she does not worry whether she would measure up or not to Clooney's many ex-girlfriends.

OK magazine reports that Amal Alamuddin is still worrying about her husband ex-girlfriends. Among these girlfriends, she was reportedly worried about Stacy Keibler the most. According to the magazine's source, Amal is "riddled with insecurities" when it comes to her husband's ex-girlfriends and is still wondering how she compares to them.

Amal Alamuddin may look like she's comfortable and confident with who she is, but OK's source claims that her outward appearance does now show how she truly feels. "She's very hung up about George's former conquests, especially his romance with Stacy Keibler," the insider told OK! "It's as though she doesn't feel up to his standards, which is crazy, but she isn't nearly as self-confident as she appears."

The source explains that Amal feels all the more insecure because George Clooney has little knick knacks from his past girlfriends still stashed and treasured. The source shared that George kept photos, letters, and gifts from past girlfriends. Even though this does not mean anything, the source shared that Amal is feeling insecure because of this. She is also riddled with jealousy. Upon seeing some old photos of her husband with Stacy Keibler, Amal is said to have become paranoid of the chemistry between them. Stacy Keibler however, is also now married to Jared Pobre with a child of her own.

These insecurities may be fruitless, as George has not shown any signs of not being happy with Amal. Recently, the married couple is even rumored to be already expecting their first child. However, a rep of Amal denied the allegations. Hollywood Life's source however shared that even though George is not set to be a father yet, he would be a great one when the time comes. According to the source, George would be a doting father, since he wanted kids of his own for a long time. He also looks forward to telling bedtime stories.